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Links! 9 TV Homages To Star Wars, The Best Nut Punches Of The NBA Season, And More!

This week ‘s links don ‘t want no scrubs.

  • TV ‘s 9 Best Homages to Star WarsAbove Average
  • Mitch Hedberg Jokes As New Yorker Cartoons – Buzzfeed
  • 7 Hulk Hogan Stories That Nobody Actually Believes – Uproxx
  • Surely You Can ‘t Be Serious: An Oral History Of Airplane!The A.V. Club
  • The Best Nut Punches of the NBA Season – Grantland
  • Here ‘s An Exhaustively Complete Food Tour of SeinfeldFlavorwire
  • Girls Attempt To Draw Their Ideal Penis – Elite Daily
  • Andy Richter Shows Off His New Apple Watch – Team Coco
  • 28 Photos That Make No Damn Sense – TheCHIVE

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