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High Article #3: Here Are Descriptions Of Science Videos I Remember Liking

There will be no links to the videos I ‘m describing.

Here are some videos that I remember being really cool. I didn ‘t want to look any of them up, so I didn ‘t. Actually, I did look up the gummy bear one and just didn ‘t link it. Anyway, here ‘s my recap of some science videos I liked when I saw them.

Science happens. Will you be there?

Hot Nickel Through Ice Block
This one is so satisfying. This guy just owns a sphere of solid Nickel, like he bought it, and he heats it up until that thing is white-hot.Then he just drops it on anything he wants with severe confidence in the fact that it ‘ll be sweet. Fun fact: it ‘s always so, so sweet. That ball burns through a solid cylinder of ice. And like, respect to ice. We think of it as something we can crunch in our mouths, but that ‘s not the whole story. Ice is resilient. But the nickel just melts through it, no problem. Oh fuck, one of my co-workers is listening to Wonderwall by Oasis on repeat. I love it. But not as much as science. Go watch nickel ice.

Those things are definitely science.

Sodium in Water
This is a classic. It has it all: a high school chem teacher who looks like everybody ‘s grandpa, 15 students standing in a semi-circle only half interested, and one explosion. Turns out if you drop sodium into water, that shit blows up faster than white-hot nickel melting through an ice cylinder. The teacher drops the sodium and runs, the kids all scream, and that gallon jug he cut part of the top off before bringing it out by the school ‘s soccer fields just goes the fuck up. It ‘s really great. So that ‘s two videos, already.

This is undoubtably science.

Kick Strength Contest Thing
If I ‘m being honest, this is one of those sports science videos and I don ‘t know if it technically counts. They just measure different martial art style kicks to see which form is the most powerful. But here ‘s the thing ‘ it ‘s capoeira. The Brazilian dance fighting? This guy break dances into a punching bag for kicking (kicking bag?) and it just does such damage. Now that I ‘ve written this, I see that it does not belong in this list.

Sometimes Pink Floyd is science.

Foam Beaker Thing
I don ‘t really remember what it was or why it ‘s a thing, but some local or maybe national news-ish show had a scientist on who made weird foam. Like, it shot out of the beaker way fast, looking all green and like a marshmallow snake. He did other stuff, too, but that was the coolest thing and only thing I remember. There ‘s a pretty sweet dog in the office today.

Science can be fun and shapes.

Hot Nickel Through Ice Block Again
I can ‘t believe I called it a block and then described it as a cylinder each time. Man that video kicks so much ass. I ‘m pretty sure it ‘s nickel.

But science can also be dangerous ‘

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