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Ken Burns

***Lyrics*** Ken Burns, Ken Burns, Ken Burns, Ken Burns Ken Burns, he direct Ken Burns, an effect Ken Burns, you respect Ken Burns, break ya ‘ neck yaOW! Cultural icon yeah we up in this spot Bitches on both my arms bowl cut mutton chops Ken Burns a legend better recognize a hero Stacks of classic movies like Robert DeNiro Documentaries focus on Americana KB make his own style, Dolce & Gabanna Bringin ‘ history to life while we zoomin ‘ in on pictures Bitch check the zeitgeist, generation fixture National treasure like the Grand Canyon Belong on Mount Rushmore, president companion DVR PBS so you could see what we see Make Planet Earth look like chimps throwing feces Boss of the doc game, Spurlock like an intern You stuck in the hospital with third degree Ken Burns Mark Twain, Prohibition, Jazz, and the Civil War Walk in the club snap, zoom, panties hit the floor No political spin on it this ain ‘t no Michael Moore Got a film assembly line you can call him Henry Ford Making old pictures mad fascinating He could make a shoelace captivating Check effects in iMovie man Ken Burns name a trope He already won the race so you sit back and try to cope Man there ain ‘t no subject that Ken ain ‘t burned Master of his craft see what you can learn

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