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‘The Tonight Show’ Hosts The First-Ever Shaggy Off

Last night on The Tonight Show (whoah, what a weird way to start a sentence ‘I mean, is it last night or tonight, am I right everyone??) Jimmy Fallon let slip that Steve Higgins has a pretty good impression of the rapper Shaggy. Lucky for Higgins, when you have a good (or even slightly good) impression of a rapper and you work on the Tonight Show it means you can probably get that very rapper to come on the show and rap with or against you.

Thus, below you can watch the first ever Tonight Show Shaggy Off, which is perhaps the most unfair rap battle in history, because it ‘s two people doing impressions of Shaggy but one of them is Shaggy. Who ‘s the better Shaggy? You be the judge (but really, Jimmy Fallon is the judge)!

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