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‘Game Of Thrones’ Meets ‘Too Many Cooks’ Meets Now We Can’t Stop Clapping

OK, look. Taking two different things and mashing them together into one new thing is not really the hardest thing to do. Yet too often, the internet is duped by this type of #viralcontent which can be lazy, poorly edited and meh at best.

This is NOT that. This is better. Somehow. We applaud the man who put this together for taking two different things, combining them into one new thing, yet not making us totally hate the internet for a few minutes.

Now if you ‘ve watched ever Game of Thrones you might think you have an idea what this will be, but if you ‘ve ever seen Too Many Cooks, you know not to expect anything and, instead, you should just let this video happen to you.

via DeathandTaxes

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