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Links! Broad City’s Best Stoner Moments, Reactions To Jared Leto’s Joker, And More!

This week ‘s links are just an exchange of technology and culture and everybody wins.

  • Broad City ‘s Best Stoner Moments – Above Average
  • Air Sex Competitions Are A Thing, So There ‘s That – GQ
  • 8 Celebrity Has-Beens Who Came Closer To Their Dreams Than You Ever Will – Clickhole
  • The Internet Jokes About Jared Leto ‘s Joker – Uproxx
  • Here Are Some Horrfiying MyIdol Avatars Of 90s Cartoon Characters – Mashable
  • 22 People Who Hit The Food Jackpot – TheCHIVE
  • Need A Haircut? Be Inspired By These Up-To-Date Looks – Men ‘s Hairstyles

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