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Mike Waits In Line For ‘Jurassic World’

Jurassic World, the third sequel to the greatest movie of all time (the comments section of this post is NOT a forum to debate this), comes out on June 12th. And here, Mike at Funny Or Die realizes that day is only seven weeks away.

JUNE 12th?! It ‘s almost MAY! OK, I gotta get in line like NOW.

Have a good weekend guys!

Did Mike just tell us to have a good weekend? It ‘s 10 a.m. And Tuesday.

Slim pickings at the costume store. Not a velociraptor but it ‘ll do.

HOLY SHIT! First in line! Hell yeah. Crowd should be showing up any minute now.

June 12th ‘ June 12th ‘ just gotta make it to June 12th ‘

Let ‘s see how many weeks it ‘s bee ‘ shit, it ‘s been 20 minutes.

I ‘m hungry and I have to pee.

Alright that ‘s better. AND ONLY 50 MORE DAYS TO GO!!

I ‘m borrrrrred. I wanna watch a dinosaur eat someonnnneeeee ‘

La ‘ la ‘ LA ‘ la la ‘ La la ‘ LA ‘ la la ‘ this is the only thing on my iPhone.

Alright, fuck this. I ‘m gonna see The Longest Ride. The line ‘ll still be there in 90 minutes.

I hope it works out for this babe and this hunk. This truly IS The Longest Ride.

I ‘m not gonna lie, that movie was fucking great. And will make the next 49 days and 22 hours FLY by.


Oh well.

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