By: John Harris

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Do The Content Dance For International Dance Day!

Today is International Dance Day! Here are the 10 steps to The Content Dance, a dance we made up to push out a quick photo listicle capitalizing on a trending topic! Here we go! Content!

Step 1!

Like this? Sure, why not. Just 9 more dance steps to go!

Step 2!

Here is the second dance step. Because something needs to go here!

Step 3!

And here ‘s yet another plausible dance move! Do it!

Step 4!

Check your phone during this move to see what else is trending on social media! Gotta feed the beast!

Step 5!

Wait, where ‘d the guy go?

Step 6!

Oh, now he ‘s back. Someone talked to him, and got him to come back. Looks like Step 6 is just standing there with your arms folded.

Step 7!

This one ‘s tricky! So, you just sort of lay on your face, in protest of cynical clickbait, I guess? Sorry, pal ‘this is the world we live in! Deal with it! Content!

Step 8!

Maybe 10 was too many steps? But anything under 10 things for this kind of thing seems weird. Right?

Step 9!

Ideally, we would have got a celebrity who had some movie to promote to do this, and also got it sponsored by like Chrysler or Slim Jim or something, but we didn ‘t really plan ahead at all. Very last minute, the whole thing.

Step 10!

Oh, thank God. It ‘s over.

And there you go! You just did the Content Dance and also contributed to our website ‘s traffic! Or you didn ‘t! It doesn ‘t matter even a little bit ‘this took less than 30 minutes to make, so even if no one clicks on it, the outlay of resources was less than minimal. Hooray! The Content Dance!

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