By: Andy Bush

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I Drew Myself Under The Influence Of Several Different Drugs

Narcotics deeply influence self observation. In this article I experiment with several different types of intoxicants to help understand the many facets of the psyche and to prove that we are the sum of our own self perceptions.


This was my first drug. I didn ‘t notice much change and, as such, it should serve as a baseline of how I perceive myself on a daily basis.


As you can see my eyes were pretty red after I took a few hits from a friend ‘s pipe. Incidentally, the pipe looked a lot like Gandalf ‘s from ‘Lord of the Rings. ‘ But that has nothing to do with this, I guess. I just thought I should write that. Probably.


Took this hat off some dude at a club. This is me flippin ‘ the double bird ’cause I just don ‘t give a fuck. I have a nose bleed and would like some more cocaine. I am awesome. Fuck you.


Oh yeah, the steroids I ‘ve been taking the past week are finally paying off. COME AT ME BRO!


i SHOULD PROBably wait for these drugs to wear off before I take a new one. Who is typing this?


I bwah your fa



bath salts



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