By: Mariah Carey

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Cooking with Mariah Carey

While making Frito pie, Mariah Carey reveals to co-host Bryan Safi that the “Corny Like Fritos” lyric from her hit single 'Infinity' is not about Nick Cannon, but about her long lost Italian lover.

Featuring: Mariah Carey and Bryan Safi. Special guests Brett Ratner and Jeff Beacher
Executive Producer: Christian Heuer
Writer/Director: LP
Writer: Lindsay Kerns
Producer: Eleanor Winkler
Coordinator: Dominic D ‘Astice
DP: Charlie Sarroff
2nd Camera Operator: Michael Lincoln
Consulting DP: Bill Boatman
Sound: Danny Carpenter for BoTown Sound
Production Designer: Bradley Salo
Art Director: Heather Drouillard
Editor: Kegan Swyers
Color: Marty Cramer
Graphics: Shawn James
Special Thanks: Stella Bulochnikov, Brett Ratner and Jeff Beacher

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