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RAP SUPER FRIENDS – Episode 3: Hollywood Shuffle

Drake reveals a hidden passion that takes him – reluctantly – to Hollywood. Kanye attempts to steal the spotlight (again), but there may be an even bigger genius to contend with. Will the super friends sell out or stay true to themselves?

Rick Ross: Elijah Fitzgerald
Drake: Malachi Serrano
Jay Z: Marc Sylvain
Kanye West: Will Toussaint (@willorwont –
Andrew Ash as Swiftgate
Kacie Brown: Disney Studio Exec
David Fine: Paramount Studio Exec
Jeffrey Emerson: Sony Studio Exec
Written and Created By: D.F.W. Buckingham (@trillbuckingham –
Directed By: Kate Oliva and Bryan Pauquette
(@olivakate – (@bryanpauquette –
Director of Photography: Guillermo Cameo
Assistant Camera: Ademola Soares
Gaffer: Ademola Soares
Executive Producers: Kate Oliva and Bryan Pauquette
Associate Producer: Dominique Remy (@DominiqueRemy –
Editor: Bryan Pauquette
2nd Editor: Jordan Freiman
(@JordanFreiman –
Sound Mixer: Peter Crimi
Production Assistants: Valerie Cardinal, Phyllis Cox, David Fine, Joanna McKee, Randy Offor
Select Wardrobe Provided By: Fly Geenius (
Special Thanks To:
Lucky Jack ‘s Bar and Lounge (
Felicia Mariah Photography (
‘Cold Heat ‘
Beat By The Passion HiFi
‘Bacon n Eggs ‘
By Menuhin Hart
‘Ex Boxer ‘
By Riot
Via YouTube Audio Library
‘RSF Transition ‘
By Menuhin Hart
‘Rains Will Fall ‘
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
‘Redemption ‘
Beat by The Passion HiFi
‘Rotten Gardenias
By Huma-Huma
Via YouTube Audio Library
“Move Out ‘
By MK2
Via YouTube Audio Library
‘Mood Squad ‘
Beat by The Passion HiFi

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