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Watch Jimmy Fallon Buy Baked Goods From Snoop Dogg Except They Both Have Fake Arms

Picture this: You ‘re stranded on a desert island and you can only bring one late night segment featuring Snoop Dogg. Which one do you choose? Maybe this one from The Tonight Show where Snoop owns a bakery and sells ‘special” cookies to Jimmy Fallon, but neither one of them can use their arms in the scene so they use mannequin arms instead? It ‘s a good choice ‘ just imagine yourself, sitting on your private desert island, enjoying some peace and quiet plus some PRIVACY, finally, while also taking in some laughs courtesy of Snoop Dogg trying to knead dough with his fake hands and Jimmy Fallon trying to tell a secret using his fake arm to hide his mouth. Sounds fun!

Anyway, enjoy your time on a desert island and also enjoy this clip below!

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