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Watch Letterman ‘s Star-Studded Final Top Ten List

David Letterman ‘s final episode had a lot of stuff in it, and like any graduation celebration (retiring is kinda like graduating from your job!) a lot of that stuff was very bittersweet. Some of it was more sweet than bitter, though, and some of it had 10 celebrities in it, which, again, is something each and every one of us remembers from when we graduated from our decades of hosting late night, too. We all remember that part in our last show where 10 celebrities came onstage to talk about us. And for Letterman it was no different ‘ last night 10 celebs paid tribute to Letterman by zinging him with his own Top Ten List sword.

Watch Letterman get zinged by the likes of Chris Rock, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Peyton Manning, Mr. Jumped Out Of A Cake Yesterday himself Bill Murray, and more.

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