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Links! The 22 Greatest Jokes Ever, The Rock’s Most Electrifying Pop Culture Moments, And More!

This week ‘s links apologize for the convenience.

  • The Greatest Jokes Ever, Chosen By 22 Comedians – Esquire
  • How to Avoid Touching Your Boob During the National Anthem – Above Average
  • Norm Macdonald ‘s Amazing SNL Prank On Chris Kattan – Huff Post Comedy
  • All Of The Rock ‘s Most Electrifying Pop Culture Moments – Uproxx
  • What Your Favorite Cocktail Says About You – Clickhole
  • 6 Reasons Why Pope Francis Hasn ‘t Watched TV Since 1990 – Mad Magazine
  • And Just In Case You Haven ‘t Seen That Beyonc ‘ Dancing To The Ducktales Theme Video – Happy Place

Thumbnail via Esquire / Chris McPherson

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