By: Sierra McCormick

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You Won’t Believe This Insane Promposal

One guy goes to ridiculous lengths to ask a girl to prom.

Jake: Zach Gordon
Crystal: Sierra McCormick
Mother: Pam Murphy
Father: Dave Theune
Doctor: Marshall Givens
Grandpa: Pat Finerty
Writer: Lindsay Kerns
Writer: Amos Vernon
DP: Jordan Black
Key Grip: Ely Gonzalez
Gaffer: Jeff Goodshall
Swing: Kenny Bauer
H/MU: Taylor Tompkins
Wardrobe: Jordy Scheinberg
Production Designer: Brad Salo
Art Asst: Carla Barajas
Art Asst: Clint Harris
Sound: Mike Robertson
Special Thanks: Kellyn Parker

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