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Watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Jerry Seinfeld Reunite, In A Car, To Get Coffee

Jerry Seinfeld ‘s webseries Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee premiered its new season this week with very special guest and ‘James Bond of comedy” Julia Louis-Dreyfus. As the pair of old friends drives around, gets coffee, gets lunch, and then gets coffee again, JLD talks to Jerry about her favorite and most haunting Seinfeld memories, her old job scooping ice cream, and the kinds of things she fights about with her husband.

Interspersed into the conversation are some old Jerry-and-Elaine clips from Seinfeld, where the tone and subject matter are so similar to the comedians catching up that it feels like either this webseries episode is really a new, decades-later episode of Seinfeld, or Seinfeld was actually just real life all along.

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