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RAP SUPER FRIENDS – Episode 6: All About The Benjamins

In season one's cameo-packed finale, Jay Z consults Dr. Dre on a major career move. Snoop Dogg visits the 40/40 Club with some herbal gifts and stories from the past, but quickly overstays his welcome.

Rick Ross: Elijah Fitzgerald
Drake: Malachi Serrano
Jay Z: Marc Sylvain
Kanye West: Will Toussaint (@willorwont –
Andrew Ash as Swiftgate
Mary Rogers McMaster: Taylor Swift
Brian Hill: Dr. Dre
William Touissant: Snoop Dogg
Bryan Pauquette: Agent
Written and Created By: D.F.W. Buckingham (@trillbuckingham –
Directed By: Kate Oliva and Bryan Pauquette
(@olivakate – (@bryanpauquette –
Director of Photography: Guillermo Cameo
Assistant Camera: Ademola Soares
Gaffer: Ademola Soares
Executive Producers: Kate Oliva and Bryan Pauquette
Associate Producer: Dominique Remy (@DominiqueRemy –
Editor: Bryan Pauquette
2nd Editor: Jordan Freiman
(@JordanFreiman –
Sound Mixer: Peter Crimi
Production Assistants: Valerie Cardinal, Phyllis Cox, David Fine, Joanna McKee, Randy Offor
Select Wardrobe Provided By: Fly Geenius (
Special Thanks To:
Lucky Jack ‘s Bar and Lounge (
Felicia Mariah Photography (
‘Cold Heat ‘
Beat By The Passion HiFi
‘Bacon n Eggs ‘
By Menuhin Hart
‘Soho ‘
By Riot
Via YouTube Audio Library
‘Reggae Wah ‘
By Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions
Via YouTube Audio Library
‘The Next Step ‘
By Menuhin Hart
‘Steel Drum Lullaby ‘
By Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions
Via YouTube Audio Library
‘C Major Prelude ‘
By Bach
Via YouTube Audio Library
‘Bark ‘
By John Deley and the 41 Players
Via YouTube Audio Library
‘Rains Will Fall ‘
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
‘Day of Recon (Sting) ‘
By Max Surla/Media Right Productions
Via YouTube Audio Library
‘RSF Transition ‘
By Menuhin Hart

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