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A Truthful Water Commercial

Imagine a cool canyon spring, running free. Mmmmm-mmm. Now imagine that canyon spring going through federally mandated purity testing and being pumped INTO YOUR HOUSE for just about free. Meh, right? Let ‘s spice it up. Now imagine that canyon spring being diverted into an industrial processing plant off the I10 corridor, put into a non-biodegradable container like it ‘s own lil ‘ landfill starter kit, and driven on bigass trucks to stores nationwide to be sold at an astronomical markup. That ‘s the Arrowhead miracle, and it happens every day. Thanks to consumers who are total fucking idiots, Nestl ‘ is taking California ‘s water that would go into Californians taps IN THE MIDDLE OF A DROUGHT, and instead sells it back to you as Arrowhead Water. Arrowhead. Because Nestl ‘ thinks you ‘re stupid. Remember: you can ‘t spell ‘profiting from global water crisis ‘ without ‘Nestle. ‘ *This website is in no way associated with or endorsed by Nestl ‘ or Arrowhead. Nor is Heavy Crude Video LLC in any way involved in the sale bottled water. Heavy Crude Video would never take your water and sell it back to you at a premium during a drought, we ‘re not a-holes:

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