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Pizza Hut Debuts Movie Projector Pizza Box And Now You Never Have To Leave Your Couch

Surely you ‘ve been in this dilemma before: you ‘ve finished your entire Pizza Hut pizza, downed your two-liter soda, and decide the best way to top off the evening is with a feature length film. But you don ‘t own or want to stand up to turn on your television and your hands are too greasy to hold your smartphone for two and a half hours. Dang, dude! Guess your only option is to give up and fall asleep on your couch. Psyche! That was your only option, until now! Because now,Pizza Hut has created a pizza box that can be converted into a movie projector. God is good and Pizza Hut God is even more good!

The stand used in the middle of the pizza to keep it from being crushed (and used on the internet as a table for hamsters) converts into a smartphone stand and holds a lens to be placed in a hole on the side of the box. Each pizza box also comes with a QR code to download a new movie but also works with Netflix or YouTube videos. That ‘s a sick movie to pizza ratio, if you ask me.

The movie will project from your smartphone, through the lens, and onto your wall. So all you have to do now to enjoy an in-home movie is remove your Boondock Saints posters from the wall. That is, however, optional.

Check out Pizza Hut ‘s demonstration of how the movie projector is set up.

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