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The World Series of Corn Hole

The Watch ESPN App is covering this year's finals featuring competitors from the douchiest frats and an intoxicated announcing team. WRITTEN and DIRECTED BY: Ryan E. Hoffman & Nick Ruggia EDITED BY: Ryan E. Hoffman and Steve Thompson CINEMATOGRAPHER: Nadir Nelson SOUND DESIGN: Bill Colvin GRAPHICS DESIGN: Daniel Saldivar, White Rhino Digital PRODUCTION MANAGER: Phill Causey WITH: BOOMER MCSWIGGAN… Andy Sandford TRIPP PARSONS… Ryan E. Hoffman TRICIA JADE… Carrie Gravenson JOE DONNELLY… Ben DeMarco CHAD REAGAN… Nick Ruggia EMILY TANNER… Katey Parker ERIC TANNER… Jeff McBride REFEREE… Michael Blouin COP… Scott Coscia ERNEST TANNER… Brian Baron BG: Yve Cook, Nicole Pesce, Shawn Sanchez, Brian Collura, Zena Wood, Alina Gerasimova, Phill Causey

Nadir Nelson

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