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Video Of Biggest Great White Shark Ever!!! Now With Shark’s Audio!!! Listen To The Fat Shark!!!

Dang, dudes. I like to think of myself as a real brave person. I ‘ve removed wasp nests and called boys I ‘ve had crushes on up on the phone and wasn ‘t even scared to do either of those very scary things. But today I watched a video of a diver off the coast of Mexico high five one of the biggest great white sharks ever caught on camera and I got very scared.

The footage, from 2013, was cut from The Discovery Channel ‘s Shark Week event but was put online this week by a researcher who came back across it. Go ahead and watch it, but also cancel all your beach vacations for the next 16 years because you won ‘t be getting in the water.

Even better, we were able to obtain the audio track recorded by underwater microphones, so for the first time ever you can hear the noises being made by this gigantic sea beast. Watch and listen below!

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