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Unwind With The Musical Stylings Of This Frustrated Grandma

You ever get so frustrated you just lose all sense of how to even handle yourself. Sure, you could punch, strangle, or murder the cause of said frustration, but honestly, that seems like a lot of work. Thankfully, this cool Grandma has discovered a much better outlet for your frustration: Grab whatever ‘s closest to you and start repeatedly banging yourself in the head. It ‘s a bucket of laughs and no one but you gets hurt.

Of course, another great way to relax and unwind is to pour yourself a bath, light a fire-code-safe number of candles, and turn up the sounds on some soft, soothing music. Be it Enya, Sade, or just your standard whale sounds, a good meditative tune lets you center yourself amidst the storms of life. Or better yet, you can kill like four birds with one stone and just listen to these hot Grandma remixes the internet has whipped up.

You ‘re sure to be chillaxin ‘ in six seconds or less. Namaste.

H/T Jared Wonago, The Clearly Dope

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