By: Fran Gillespie

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What Happens When Men Take Their Wives’ Last Name?

Traditionally women take the last name of their husband, but recently that trend has been questioned and masculinity has been compromised. This week actress Zoe Saldana revealed that her husband has taken her last name. What can we expect if this disturbing movement continues?

George Alamuddin
If George Clooney took his wife ‘s last name, he would be the one paraded around in high fashion outfits while his barrister wife would hold all of the power. Clooney already runs the risk of being outshined by a powerful and politically-minded wife and taking her last name would be the nail in the coffin.

Bill Rodham
Clinton is so close to being the First Gentleman of The White House and the last thing he needs is to be emasculated even more by giving up his last name! His bloodline! His connection to his forefathers! Let Hillary have The Oval Office, let Bill have his family name, which is more important to a man than a woman.

Kevin Sedgwick
Bacon is known for being a Hollywood connector. He has been in so many movies and tv shows that with just six degrees you can tie him to any actor. To take on his wife ‘s last name would lose him his legacy and everything he has built for himself, not to mention how many people he would have to tell, he would have to change his email address, get a new driver ‘s license, etc. It would be a big headache and the husband shouldn ‘t have to deal with that.

Brad Jolie
Kids shouldn ‘t have the mess of a hyphenated last name or the confusion of having a different last name than their dad. Can you imagine a dad maintaining his last name for professional reasons and the family having a different last name? Unheard of.

Ellen De Rossi
As their dynamic stands now, we know exactly who is in charge. If Ellen takes Portia ‘s last name, the power will shift and traditional roles in a marriage will be muddied. Make it easier for the public to understand.

Jay Knowles
Jay Z has built an empire and to identify with his wife ‘s last name would abandon what he has worked for and diminish his brand. It would be out of the question.

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