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News Diarrhea: This Week’s Top News Stories Shit Out In One Place

Another week, another slimy brown load of news poop shoved in our faces. P.U.! Thank God for Funny Or Die News!

Speaking of cats, read the real texts sent between our very own Matt Klinman and his cat that prove he ‘s not insane!

In honor of this weekend ‘s Game of Thrones finale, watch this homemade intro we made all by ourselves.

Homemade ‘Game Of Thrones’ Intro

Did Joyce Carol Oates make a joke, or is she just an old person who doesn ‘t know how to use Twitter? Maybe both!

Big shark! Ooh!

Has LeBron James reached peak likability?

Be sure to listen to the new episode of Scienceology, Funny Or Die ‘s hit new podcast!

Funny Or Die goes to Governor ‘s Ball! Click here to watch!

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