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Chris Pratt Demonstrates All Three Of The Faces He Makes In ‘Jurassic World ‘

Well it ‘s finally here, everyone, so let ‘s all say it together assuming we ‘re on the same page ‘ Jurassic World in theaters! Last night Conan (O ‘Brien!) got a visit from Mr. Jurassic (by which we mean Chris Pratt!) himself, who shared some v. cool Hollywood secrets to acting good. Basically, Pratt says, so much of his character ‘s emotion in Jurassic World gets communicated through music and editing that there ‘s only a few subtle reactions he needs to convey with his actor face.

Meanwhile, Conan ‘s actor face is so over-the-top ‘ and oddly talkative ‘ that we learn he ‘d never make it on the Jurassic World set. Which is maybe fine, because he ‘s busy, and has a show to host, and stuff.

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