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The Coolest Moment In Crowd-Surfing Of All Time Was Caught On Video, Thank God

Over the weekend at the Pinkpop Festival in Holland, history was made. No, not music history. Cool history.

It happened when David Achter de Molen of the band John Coffey probably played a dope set at the festival, but more importantly he executed one of the raddest crowd-surfing maneuvers in existence, defying logic and gravity: Someone threw a beer at him and he caught it and drank it. But as if that isn ‘t amazing enough, the beer was in an open cup, it was thrown from really far away, he didn ‘t notice it flying at him until it was almost at his face, then he drank it and threw away the cup like it wasn ‘t no thang. In short, it was really fucking cool.

Let this video serve as inspiration to always strive to be a little bit cooler:

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