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Alvin Gentry Is 60 Years Old And Dunking Basketballs With One Hand

The Golden State Warriors are going into Game 6 tonight strong with a 3 ‘2 lead over the Cavaliers. But Steph Curry has more to worry about than dehydration or LeBron James keeping him from being named the MVP of the series. Assistant Warriors coach Alvin Gentry was filmed dunking at practice yesterday and if I have any say in who will be named MVP, my vote goes to him. (To be clear I do not have a vote and I ‘m not even sure if it ‘s something you vote on? But if it was a vote it ‘d be between Gentry and Steph Curry ‘s daughter, duh.)

While he doesn ‘t nail it on his first try, Gentry, who will be the New Orleans Pelicans head coach next year, does a one hand dunk the second time around. Fellow assistant coach Jarron Collins filmed the 60-year-old dunk-master who has still very much got it.

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