By: Darryl Gudmundson

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Separated At Birth: Iggy Azalea & Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal, the now Ex-NAACP leader, may just be someone ‘fancy ‘ we ‘ve already gotten to know over the last year. Just as Iggy Azalea ‘s star began to fade, Rachel Dolezal ‘s star suffered a similar fate but new pictures have emerged suggesting that Rachel has been Iggy Azalea all along.

Here ‘s Iggy addressing Spokane ‘s NAACP chapter
Iggy as a girl and today
Iggy ‘s prom photos

Some people have suggested that Iggy recently changed her looks and may have gotten plastic surgery – it ‘s true, she is looking very different in recent photos.

Iggy/Rachel for ID Magazine
Sad Iggy on the red carpet

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