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A Gift Guide For Lady Liberty’s 130th Year Anniversary

Today marks the 130th anniversary of The Statue of Liberty arriving in the New York Harbor from France. The copper statue of the Roman goddess Libertas was a gift from the people of France, celebrating America ‘s independence and freedom.Google even gave a nod to Lady Liberty ‘s birthday, honoring her with a front page doodle.

Lady Liberty has been so good to us Americans and we ought to honor her to the fullest extent. So what do you get the woman who has it all? A crown? A home by the water? A flaming torch? What if she already has all of these things?

You may know that one year is paper, 30 years is the pearl anniversary, and 50 is gold. But then what? Fear not, fellow freedom lovers, here is the gift guide for the woman in your life turning 130 years old.

  • It ‘s very likely Lady Liberty misses France! She hasn ‘t been there in 130 years. Pick her up a baguette or buy a beret that will fit her 111ft head!
  • A new book! I ‘m sure she is pretty bored of reading a tabula ansata (a tablet evoking the law.) Maybe Wild or one of Junot Diaz ‘s novels!
  • A haircut!
  • A paint job. We can ‘t really switch up her outfit but we can paint her robe a brand new color like apricot or charcoal.
  • Right now her view is of ships entering the harbor, so why don ‘t we switch it up? Lets turn her towards Brooklyn or treat her to an afternoon of Bayonne,New Jersey. (But no longer than that, this isn ‘t a punishment.)
  • A gift certificate to one of those wine tasting and painting events. She can bring all of her friends (that are still alive.)
  • Let ‘s add some excitement to her 130th celebration and put real fire in her torch. It ‘s been such a tease up until now, and she deserves the real thing.
  • An afternoon by herself, for once. Shut down the ferries and let her just relax without all the kids around.

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