By: James Adomian

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Bernie Sanders Is Not Boring

Two Thirds of American voters agree with Bernie Sanders on nine tenths of the issues – but the corporate media thinks he is too boring. Bernie sets the record straight with some radical party statistics.

Starring – James Adomian
Featuring – Redfoo
Also Featuring – John Roy, Ben Parks, Jon Millstein, Cassandra Walker, Paul Dupree, Sally Courtrois, Corinne Rice
Directors – Ian Skalski and Matt Mazany
Wrtten by James Adomian and John Roy
Producer – Andrew Grissom
Producer – Betsy Koch
Editors – Ian Skalski and Keegan Swyers
VFX – Ian Skalski
Graphics – Olivia Kowalczyk
Director of Photography – Aaron Ulrich
Production Designer – Kyle Smith
H/MU and SFX – Jessica Leigh Schwartz
H/MU and SFX Assist – Jen Osborne
Sound Mixer Chris Bennet for BoTown Sound
Gaffer – Ian Thomas
Key Grip – Doug Sampson
Swing – RJ Saraza
Art Assist – Ellie Del Campo
PA – Ben Parks

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