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Hey, Let’s Photoshop Justice Scalia Into A Pair Of Rollerblades And A Rainbow Speedo!

Feels good, doesn ‘t it?

Wow. Doesn ‘t it feel amazing looking at this photoshopped image of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia wearing some Rollerblades and a festive rainbow-patterned thong? It ‘s like heroin, or something, right? Just hits you like, whoosh! What a relief!

Man, just so cathartic.

OK, so maybe it ‘s a little petty, but after that thinly veiled hate screed Scalia called a dissenting opinion following SCOTUS ‘s decision on gay marriage last week, this just feels right, doesn ‘t it?

And doesn ‘t he look happy like this? Like, happier than he ‘s ever looked, ever? Sure, if he somehow sees this, he ‘ll probably get all mad and huff and puff, but don ‘t you think he ‘ll also feel some at least some small sense of loss and longing for the life of total freedom he could be living but never will? It ‘s actually kind of sad, in a lot of ways.

If anything, this photo helps to humanize the seemingly heartless monster who wrote that petulant, sour-grapes opinion.

So, if you ever feel yourself getting upset at our feisty lil ‘ pal Scalia, just come on back here, check out this photoshop, and just feel the anger melt away. After all, he ‘s just a sad, pathetic old man who doesn ‘t understand real love.

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