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Watch Stephen Colbert Host A 40-Minute-Long Public Access Show In Michigan With Special Guest Eminem

Before he takes over The Late Show in September, Stephen Colbert needs a little practice. After all, It ‘s not like you can just host a show out of the blue, having never hosted a show of your own before. That ‘d be highly unprofessional! Fortunately, during a recent stop in Monroe, Michigan, Colbert got the chance to sub in as host of local public-access show Only In Monroe. Colbert hosted the whole show, for 40 minutes ‘ not bad for a first timer!

During his new gig, Colbert got to practice public speaking, looking at the camera, talking about the news, and other things he ‘s probably never done because I know I sure don ‘t recognize him from any shows. He also tried his (novice) hand at interviewing several guests, including Only In Monroe ‘s usual hosts, as well as young musical Michigander Marshall Mathers (that part ‘s at 22:00 through the end of the episode).

Here ‘s Stephen Colbert hosting his first ever full-length show, because definitely he hasn ‘t hosted any shows before this one!

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