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This Fourth Of July Please Don’t Forget About The Drones Protecting Our Freedom

This weekend while you ‘re grilling burgers and flipping dogs,enjoying the fireworks and drinking too much American beer, please don ‘t forget those overseas who are unable to celebrate with us. Sure, that can mean the servicemen and women, but more importantly I am speaking about the drones that are out attacking foreigners and unable to be on home soil this IndependenceDay. They are the true American robot heroes.

For many drones, joining the country ‘s armed forces wasn ‘t even a choice. They were constructed by military engineers specifically to drop explosives on suspected militant targets in the Middle East. All these drones and unmanned aircraft have ever known are enemy skies. They have never and likely never will experience the luxury of waiting in line at Costco to purchase hotdogs and buns, and the quiet but delightful musing of why the dogs come in packs of 10 and the buns in packs of 8.

Certainly none of us can fathom, let alone possess the immense amount of bravery it takes to be a drone. One must release all inhibitions, fears, and sense of self to gather intelligence through image intensifiers, radar, and infra-red imaging lasers.

When you ‘re grocery shopping in the next few days, please don ‘t take for granted those who allowed you that freedom and who fight for your holiday weekends. They are drones and they will never know the taste of a Lime-a-Rita and not just because an alcoholic beverage would completely damage their interior wiring, but because they do not sell Lima-a-Ritas in Afghanistan.

Now, I don ‘t mean to guilt you and Lord knows the drones don ‘t want to or know how to either. I am simply asking that when you ‘re playing volleyball or paddling around in a neighbor ‘s pool this Fourth of July weekend and a plane flies overhead, you think of its smaller, more intelligent sisters and brothers bombing potentially threatening people half way across the world, unable to celebrate the country that created them to kill people.

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