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Here’s What Happens When Reddit Is Down

When Reddit's volunteer moderators turn hundreds of subreddits private, the internet's biggest blogs like Buzzfeed, ViralNova, and UpWorthy lose their minds.

Starring: Allan MacLeod, Fran Gillespie, Alexandra Komara, Emily Petros, Darren Miller, Ryan Perez, Amy Eicher, Matt Mazany, Ben Parks, Jack Bishop, Nick Wilson, Justin Nijm, George Basil and Lindsay Ames
Written by: Darren Miller and Darryl Gudmundson
Directed by: Jack Bishop and Justin Nijm
Director of Photography: Aaron Ulrich
Gaffer: Brian Lane
Sound Mixer: Bo Sundberg for Botown Sound
Produced by: Andrew Grissom and Sean Boyle
Editor: Kegan Swyers

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