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#Trumpyourcat Meme Pisses Off Pets By Giving Them Horrible Donald Trump Comb-Overs

Since announcing his intentions to run for president, Donald Trump has done a bang-up job of keeping his name in the news, despite no real chance of winning. And while more Donald Trump is bad for America, he does make for good internet.

Looking to capitalize on the Donald Trump internet gravy train, a number of cat owners have started using the hashtag #trumpyourcat to turn their lovable pets into unlovable, hate-spewing, combover-ridden internet gold.

The rules are simple:
1.Brush your cat
2.Form the hair you brushed into a toupee and place toupee on cat
3.Share and tag @trumpyourcat or #trumpyourcat

Created and curated by Adam Myatt, many of the photos are improved by including one of The Donald ‘s own Trumpisms. However, the real key to this working seems to be the fact that putting unwanted hair on top of a cat ‘s head really seems to piss it off. Hell, maybe that ‘s the real root of Trump ‘s issues as well.

We ‘ve rounded up some of our faves, but be sure to go check out the rest on the trumpyourcat Twitter or Instagram.

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