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We Made A Rad Merit Badge To Celebrate The Boy Scouts Inclusion Of Gay Troop Leaders

Hooray! The Boy Scouts of America have finally decided to shed their bigoted ways, and have unanimously voted to allow gay troop leaders and volunteers to be a part of their organization. This almost makes them as cool as Girl Scouts! When they camp on the lawn of the White House, let us know and we ‘ll up their ranking.

The organization will ratify the resolution on July 27th. This decision comes two years after BSA ‘s decision to allow openly gay boys to be part of the organization. While some members are denouncing this new direction, many more are praising it as inclusive and rightfully progressive.

To celebrate this announcement, we made a merit badge for the Boy Scouts to honor, well, their merit.

The badge honors everything the Boy Scouts now stand for!

  • Nature! Hell yeah there is a winding river on this badge! Boy Scouts love doing shit outside and talking about it way past their college years when people no longer care!
  • An American Fucking Eagle! You better believe we put the most noble bird on here, honoring the highest ranking a scout can earn!
  • Rainbows! Again, this is honoring nature and of course, all the cool as hell gay scout leaders who are going to help these boys grow into the best versions of themselves and also learn to not die in the wilderness!
  • Lady Liberty! For those scout members and leaders who do like ladies, Lady Liberty should be their ideal woman! She is patriotic and can withstand inclement weather!
  • Lil Robot Boy: At the end of the day Boy Scouts is about letting these kids be a bunch of nerds. This lil robot represents all those weird kids who just love being nerds with their nerd friends in the wild. Let ‘s celebrate that!

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