By: Cosby's Right Eye

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I’m Not A Lazy Eye, I’m Just Trying To Distance Myself From Cosby

Guest Columnist Bill Cosby ‘s Right Eye

That ‘s it, eye have seen enough. Thirty-six women have publicly accused Cosby of inappropriate sexual behavior and if that wasn ‘t enough, we have now all seen his 2005 testimony where he admitted to obtaining Quaaludes to give to women with whom he wanted to have sex. I can ‘t in good conscience watch this anymore and be associated with this man. I am Cosby ‘s right eye, and I am turning on him.

Cosby was a mentor to me and it is devastating to see that a man I revered is in fact a predator who takes advantage of women, drugs them without their knowledge, and has sex with them. At this point if I were to ignore the accusations, I would be complicit in his actions and I just can ‘t do that. I am moving aside.

Eye have been aware of the rumors and because of my loyalty to the man was hesitant to abandon him, but with the overwhelming evidence there is no way to deny his guilt and it would be impossible for me to continue to turn a blind I ‘ I mean eye.

Over the last several years my distance from Cosby has become more and more apparent and until this point I have yet to comment, but I want to publicly address that I no longer align with the man. I have a mind of my own. When people would address why it seemed as though I was turning away, I would claim it was rude to ask and deflect a response. The experience of abandoning Cosby has been difficult, especially after being front and center for so long. And while the left eye continues to side with Cosby, I know I am in the right.

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