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Scott Walker Is Decisively Indecisive About Every Single Topic

Over the weekend presidential hopeful Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was asked his sexual preference and he provided the following answer:

I don ‘t know. I don ‘t know the answer to that question. So, I ‘m saying I don ‘t know what the answer to that is. And I ‘m going to spend my time focused on things that I do know and I can work on.

‘ Gov. Scott Walker to CNN's Dana Bash

Earlier this year, he gave a similarly profound response when asked if President Obama was a Christian or not.

I don ‘t know. I ‘ve actually never talked about it or I haven ‘t read about that

‘ Gov. Scott Walker to The Washington Post

With election season gearing up, it ‘s important for candidates to come across succinct and confident when discussing their platform. According to early polls in Iowa, Walker is leading many other Republican candidates, so clearly he is doing something right.

We gathered more quotes from the presidential hopeful, detailing his opinions on the election ‘s hot topics. Agree or disagree, you can ‘t argue he doesn ‘t have a uniform stance across the board.

Don ‘t know anyone like that, I don ‘t think. Can ‘t know for sure.

‘ Gov. Scott Walker, on immigration


‘ Gov. Scott Walker, on unemployment

Maybe? I ‘m not sure and haven ‘t ever thought about it. Seems bad?

‘ Gov. Scott Walker, on CIA employing torture methods on detainees


‘ Gov. Scott Walker on Affordable Care Act

I do not know if that is still happening and I do not think anybody knows the answer to that. In conclusion, no one knows, including me.

‘ Gov. Scott Walker on Iraq War

I ‘ve never heard of what that is so I ‘m going to say that I do not know what you are asking me. Thank you. Also, when is lunch?

‘ Gov. Scott Walker on what his go-to Chipotle order would be

I love it there. I am so happy there. But I do not know why.

‘ Gov. Scott Walker on Sea World

I have no opinion on that.

‘ Gov. Scott Walker on if he wants to run for president

They are terrorists.

‘ Gov. Scott Walker on Teachers Unions

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