By: Kady Ruth Ashcraft

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Our 13th Annual Tiny Trashcan Trends: The Winners

Cans, bins, receptacles ‘ whatever you want to call them, they ‘re filled with trash! And sometimes, they ‘re tiny!

We ‘ve worked tirelessly around the clock for the past year to bring you our annual list of Tiny Trashcan Trends. In the early months we set out across the country, inspecting medical office lobby bathroom bins, airplane trash receptacles, and decorative wastebaskets at your grandparents ‘ retirement village to find you the best tiny trashcans. We ‘re delightfully surprised each year, more and more so, by the people we meet on the road and the crap we get to toss in bins wherever we stop.

Then came the hard part. We had to pare down what we thought were the best tiny trashcans. As always, we looked for superior style, adaptable utility, and tininess. There were thousands of candidates and we can ‘t emphasize enough that each trashcan had something unique to it, something that caught our eye.

After hours in the office and one almost-physical altercation (we ‘re very passionate, what can we say!) we made our final list. It ‘s such an honor to do this every year, and it ‘s readers like you that make what we do possible.

Without further ado, here is our annual list of Tiny Trashcan Trends.

Yeah, it ‘s a trashcan and it ‘s pretty tiny! This one ‘s on our list simply because it was the tiniest trashcan we could find! Perfect for nail clippings and paper chads!
Gulp, gulp! Throw your small pieces of junk into this baby dolphin ‘s mouth! Animals are our friends and are here to save the planet with us, one small piece of garbage at a time!
If that shoe gets any closer, it ‘ll smash the can into trash! This sleek looking bin is perfect for a bottle!

We ‘d love to hear your feedback.Which tiny trashcans did you love and which belong in a bigger trashcan ‘ permanently!

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