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Our Incredibly Witty Take On Sandra Bland’s Suspicious Death While In Police Custody

Sandra Bland was pulled over in Texas for failing to signal for a lane change, then three days later she was found dead allegedly having committed suicide in her jail cell. Aside from this being tragic, family and friends of Bland are finding the story unfathomable.

Police from Waller, TX have released the dashboard camera video of Bland ‘s arrest and along with the officer being unnecessarily aggressive to a notably annoyed Bland, the footage appears to be edited.

The video and a number of inconsistencies surrounding Bland ‘s arrest are raising questions and suspicions. Did police activity occur that would incriminate the officers and was it edited out of the dash-cam footage? Why would a seemingly healthy and happy woman hang herself? Why was she brought to jail in the first place?

This is the point in the article where we usually make a joke or present some sort of witty take on the above-described event. Sometime we ‘ll make a bullet point list, but that doesn ‘t seem very appropriate right now.

There Aren ‘t Any Jokes We Feel Like Making

  • When will insubordinate police officers be held accountable for their disproportionate and discriminatory actions against people of color that far too often (read: more than zero) have lead to permanent injuries and loss of life?
  • When will those behaviors be appropriately reprimanded, not systematically protected?
  • When will those who abuse their position of power to serve and protect the public be stripped of it?
  • When will the death or bodily harm of a person of color no longer be defended because of their less-than perfect (read: human) character and instead mourned as any loss of life should be?

That ‘s the only list we could think up. Sorry. Also, if you were actually looking for jokes about this case, shame on you.

Maybe when a time comes we don ‘t have to ask those questions we can make some jokes and this part of our country ‘s history will be so distant and irrelevant we can reference it more casually on a comedy website. But that time isn ‘t now.

Sometimes we end articles with a fun image or .gif, and although that isn ‘t helpful in any way, it may bring a smile to your face during these hard times.

If that ‘s what you really want, here you go, but you must imagine that these puppies exist in a reality where people of color are treated justly within an ethical legal system. That ‘s why they ‘re so happy.

Imagine though, though

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