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Try Not To Hurl As Jason Sudeikis Eats A Chimichanga Over A Giant Bag Of Dog Poop

This week ‘s episode of The Chris Gethard Show was written specifically for dogs. The entire studio audience was filled with dogs, Skype calls were only taken from dogs, and Jason Sudeikis ate a chimichanga over a bag of dog poop.

Wait, what ‘s that now? Yup, while discussing his sense of smell (or lack thereof, rather), SNL veteran and otherwise normal person, Jason Sudeikis claimed that he ‘d be willing to eat a chimichanga over a very real bag of very real poop. Seizing an opportunity, the crew quickly acquired said Mexican food item and, well, the rest is tough to describe.

For those with sensitive stomachs, this might be tough to watch, but on the off-chance that you ‘re a dog, this should be right up your alley.

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