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QUIZ: Which Dog Are You In This Double Dog Sneak GIF?

  • Are you the first dog to be on camera, or the second, third, fourth, or fifth?
  • Wait, before you answer, whose field is this?
  • Also, what is it that you ‘re looking at?
  • Are you looking at me, the photographer?
  • Can you tell that I am zooming my camera kind of erratically?
  • Is my zooming pattern bothering you?
  • Is that why you are looking at me?
  • Why are you skulking like that?
  • Are you skulking at ME!?
  • First Dog, are you skulking at Second Dog or at something else?
  • Second Dog, are you skulking as a team with First Dog or are you working independently?
  • Fourth and fifth dogs, why aren ‘t you doing anything?
  • Why are you all just sittin ‘oh!!!!!!!!

Here ‘s that GIF once again.

Please contact us if you are any of these dogs, thank you!

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