By: Jon Millstein

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Not An Introvert, Or An Extrovert, Or An Ambivert? You Might Be An Ambivert With A Hat On

We ‘ve all heard of introverts and extroverts, the two main categories. But if you ‘re one of those people who ‘s never felt quite right identifying as either, guess what? You may be an ambivert, a mix of the two that was recently described by psychologist Adam Grant. And if you ‘re not an ambivert, all is not lost: you ‘re probably just an ambivert with a hat on!

The differences between ambiverts and ambiverts with hats on are subtle, but if you read them over, you ‘ll agree that they are very real and very important.

  • Like ambiverts, ambiverts with hats on are comfortable at parties but also comfortable when alone. Unlike ambiverts, ambiverts with hats on wear hats of any kind.
  • Ambiverts like to talk, but they also like to listen. Ambiverts with hats on, on the other hand, enjoy both listening and talking and their necks rarely get sunburned due to their hats.
  • Ambiverts are moderate in mood. Ambiverts with hats on are the same way, but you can recognize them from their hats: cowboy, fedora, newsboy, or other.
  • When playing around in the water, an ambivert won ‘t splash a lot, and they won ‘t splash a little. But ambiverts with hats on may choose to wear swim-caps in the water instead of traditional land hats.
  • Ambiverts can transition smoothly into the role of ambiverts with hats on by putting on hats. Whereas ambiverts with hats on can do the reverse by taking off their hats.
  • Ambiverts and ambiverts with hats on are the same but one has a hat.

If you found yourself nodding along with the descriptions of ambiverts with hats on, guess what? You probably are one! Don ‘t thank us for leading you to a four-word descriptor for your personality, thank the Internet for bringing this conversation to the fore.

And if you ‘re still not sure who you are, remember: we haven ‘t even begun to discuss the diversity of human types, which include introverts with hats on, extroverts with hats on, and extroverts on motorcycles. Keep an eye on the site for their descriptions, coming soon!

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