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There Is No Chance On Earth You’ll Ever Do Something As Cool As Robbie Maddison’s ‘Pipe Dream’

You know those insane scenes in movies where the good guy saves the girl (or, if we ‘re feeling wild, the good girl saves the boy) and they hop on a motorcycle and escape the building before the bomb detonates? But there ‘s always that split second you aren ‘t sure they ‘ve made it until, amidst the debris and growing plume of smoke, they emerge, victorious and badass.
Now imagine that exact scenario but instead of a fiery landscape, the person on the motorcycle is escaping a ginormous super wave. Yeah.

Stuntman and probable lunatic Robbie Maddison not only rode his motorcycle on water, weaving through dumbfounded swimmers and boaters, he surfed a humongous wave on it. You have to immediately stop complaining about it being Monday and start worshiping this man. It ‘s law.

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