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We Destroyed hitchBOT And This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Robots, America

Over the weekend a very cool project was going underway in the United States that was suddenly and abruptly put to a stop. No, it wasn ‘t the perfectly executed Teen Party Night at the local swimming pool where two 16 year olds were caught finger banging, it was hitchBOT. hitchBOT was a hitchhiking robot that dreamt of traveling the entire country! Well, it didn ‘t dream that obviously, but the rad people who created hitchBOT believed it could happen!
Created in Ontario, Canada, hitchBOT had already travelled through Germany and The Netherlands to much success! While the small robot couldn ‘t move on its own, it depended on friendly strangers across the globe to help it with its travels. hitchBOT was equipped with a GPS tracker for its creators to know where it was and a camera to document its travels.

But, just after two short weeks starting out in the United States, hitchBOT was destroyed by vandals in Philadelphia who beheaded the wanderlust-bot. Here is footage of the dumbass who ended the way-too short life of hitchBOT.

WARNING: Loss of robot life and another reason to hate Philadelphia.

America, this is why we can ‘t have cool robots. Goddamnit. All we had to do was be kind to, nay! simply let be, an adorable robot that just wanted to travel the country and see neat things, and we couldn ‘t keep it together. This dude in the video kicks the shit out of hitchBOT like it insulted Sam Bradford or was apathetic to Geno ‘s.
Japan has Pepper, the robot that recognizes human emotions. Germany created Titan, the world ‘s strongest robot. The United States? Well after this whole mess with hitchBOT it looks like we ‘re going to be stuck with just trying to get Siri to say bad words. And you know what? We deserve that. Because we can ‘t handle cool robots. We get too threatened and angry at animatronic androids that we destroy them.

Next time there is some big robotics convention or everyone across the world is spending quality time with their new robot friends, we can ‘t be upset. We had our chance and we blew it.

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