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Every Celebrity Couple You’ve Ever Loved Is Over And Here Is A Poem To Cope

First they came for Miranda and Blake, and I did not speak out.
Because I was not Miranda and Blake.

Next they came for Jen and Ben, and I did not speak out.
Because I was not Jen nor was I Ben.

Then in one fell swoop they came for Will and Jada, Reba and whoever Reba ‘s husband is, and Gwen Stefani and Gavin.
But I did not speak out.

Because not only was I not any of those many people,
but also because I was pretty bummed out that a lot of people ‘s marriages were failing who I thought to be in pretty stable relationships.

The above text is a poem written response to the recent onslaught of failing marriages, a clear and troubling sign that love is not real. In a world where we understand celebrity faces to be contoured, their social media accounts run by their staff, their hair full of extensions, and most of their drama to be fully orchestrated to create press, it ‘s still incredibly upsetting to learn their love is not as true as gold.

With so many power couples splitting into semi-powerful individuals, we must go take care of our gentle souls. Journaling and poetry is definitely one way to cope. You could also throw yourself into exercise or pick up a hobby like crocheting miniatures of the former couples where they can still love each other under your creative control. Or perhaps, just invest your time and energy into imaginary couples like Ken and Barbie or Miss Piggy and Kermit!

Oh wait, no! As this post is being written, even imaginary couples are breaking up.

Welp. There is no hope now. Love is forever gone. It ‘s false. It ‘s sand in between our fingers, the tighter we grasp, the faster is slips away.

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