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The Brothel Ep 1: A Good Temp Job is Hard to Find

Episode 1: Sara puts her future in the hands of Tandy at Bon Temps Temping. THE BROTHEL. Sara, a former marketing director, has to reconcile her feminist ideals with her desperate need for a job when her only offer is working as a temp in the office of the Pony Palace Brothel. Created by Kristy Lopez-Bernal, Laura Grey, Langan Kingsley, Natasha Vaynblat, and Moujan Zolfaghari. Credits Sara: Natasha Vaynblat Tandy: Moujan Zolfaghari Writers: Laura Grey, Kristy Lopez-Bernal, Moujan Zolfaghari Director: Laura Grey & Moujan Zolfaghari Produced by: Ladies Who Right Director of Photography: Matt Braunsdorf AC: Bridget Araujo AD: Katherine Maughan Editor: Matt Braunsdorf Script Supervisor: Langan Kingsley Sound: Jamie Leggaro & Kristy Lopez-Bernal PAs: Kate Vatter, Sara Harvey, Casey Cline, Maritza Montanez Opening graphics: Hudson Meredith Special thanks to Todd Bieber, Julie Gomez, and UCB Digital

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