By: Suzy Weiss

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8 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Internship

1. Arrive On Time

Wherever you ‘re interning, there ‘s no excuse for lateness. Punctuality is an essential ingredient to any professional experience, so don ‘t be reluctant to arrive early.

2. Make Yourself Useful

There won ‘t always be pressing work for you to do in the office, but you can make an impact during downtime by creating your own assignments. Don ‘t be afraid to put yourself out there ‘you ‘ll earn office points for your enthusiasm.

3. Make Every Moment A Learning Opportunity

You ‘ll get the most out of your internship experience if you take it upon yourself to ask questions and closely observe workplace activity.

4. Accept That You Don ‘t Know Everything

No matter how prepared you are for your internship, it ‘s important to remember that you ‘re not yet a professional. Swallow your pride and make humility a top priority.

5. Dress For The Job You Want

Appearance is key in the professional world. Taking yourself seriously and your fellow employees will too! In planning your workplace attire, try to emulate the people whose shoes you wish to fill.

6. Make Yourself Indespensable

If you want to get hired upon finishing your internship, make yourself truly needed in the workplace. Clean up the office when it ‘s cluttered. Replenish the toilet paper supply when no one else takes the initiative. Steal all of the food, lock the doors, and have your coworkers beg you for nourishment.

7. Learn How To Make Coffee

As an intern, you are responsible for managing all basic components of office life. If you execute the small tasks perfectly, you ‘ll be trusted with larger ones! Make coffee early and often. And don ‘t forget the ARSENIC. That ‘s right. POISON THE COFFEE.

8. Bond With Other Interns

No one understands your position more than your fellow interns. Take an interest in their lives, and you will become a more cohesive team. Share stories, share concerns, or better yet, cut your flesh, rub the open wounds together and share DNA!

When the summer comes to a close, make sure to thank everyone for the opportunity ‘the ones who are still alive, that is.

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