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9 Straight Outta Compton Memes We Made To #JoinTheConversation

Dr. Dre is having a moment right now. The movie about his life Straight Outta Compton opens next week, his new album Compton: A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre just dropped today, and Beats by Dre headphones are just as expensive as they ‘ve always been. Now in a very obvious attempt to promote all three at the same time, a new meme generator called Straight Outta Somewhere was created to let poor people upload a photo of themselves and rep their own hood, be it Compton or Cambridge, all in the name of ‘ ECK! ‘ marketing.

Of course, that ‘s no fun. The internet knows that and so do we. And since we ‘re not ones to just lie around and let others have all the fun, here ‘s two tiny handfuls of memes we created to #JoinTheConversation.

Wait! Shit, they tricked us.

Go make your own at Straight Outta Somewhere. BUT ONLY IF YOU WANT TO!!!!

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