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Lady Justice

Lady Justice is the best crimefighter Terminus has ever seen … except she fights so hard that sometimes she sweats and isn't always pretty. The other superheroes cannot stand for this!

Leanna Adams as Lady Justice
Brian Troxell as Dick Fury
Ken MacLaughlin as ManMan
Kim Hamilton as Wondrous Widow
Troy Halverson as Dr. Telepathy
Director of Photography: Brock Hanson
Recording Engineer: Chris VanBrackle
Written by: Leanna Adams, Michael Sokol & Ken MacLaughlin
Special Effects & Graphic Designer: Jake Mantooth
Production Assistant: Jordan Loscalzo
Grip: William ‘Thunder ‘ Ehli
Special Thanks
Neil Logan Butler
Kristina Adler
Twin Media
‘Menace ‘ by The Losers
‘Dangerous ‘ by Kevin MacLeod (

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